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Mobile Massage Services Dundalk


duration: 45-60 min
price: 60€ (single treatment)
490€ /590€ (pack of 10)
Body Scrub

A full body scrub massage is a type of exfoliation treatment that uses a Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation. Body scrubs is home made with natural ingredients such as sugar, oils and infused with essential oils for an added therapeutic benefits.. 


rubber cup
       Chinese rubber cups massage

Cupping therapy treatments are based on an act that is the opposite of massage
treatments. That is because placing the cups on the skin applies vacuum pressure and
generates suction on the skin as opposed to massage therapy which involves applying
downward pressure on the skin and underlying tissues. Different cupping sets are used to
drag the skin upwards using the vacuum pressure. After the vacuum is created, therapy cups
may also be moved throughout the skin in a method called sliding cupping.

The ancient cupping therapy comes with a multitude of health benefits together with the
capability of curing a significant number of ailments. This therapy is widely considered as an
advanced therapy option because it helps to eliminate toxins from our body while relieving
tight and tense muscles and joint pain. This non-invasive physical therapy yields the following
positive results related to relaxation and pain management

Though cupping therapy is considered safe as long as it’s performed by a trained
therapist, the following side-effects can be experienced in the area where the therapy is

  • Burns 
  • Mild discomfort 
  • Bruises