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sport massage


duration: 45-60 min

price: 60€/70€

Sports MAssage

Sports massage has antecedents in earlier periods of history. The ancient Greeks and Romans combined massage and exercise in their athletic training. Various Asian cultures also developed forms of massage for dancers and for students of martial arts . 

As a formal practice, however, sports massage began in the Soviet Union and Communist bloc countries in the 1960s. Soviet teams were the first to have a massage therapist travel with them and work on their athletes on a regular and ongoing basis. Through sports and cultural exchanges, the concept of sports massage moved to Europe and the United States in the 1970s. 

Over time the benefits of sports massage became accepted, and sports massage became a part of the training regimen, first of professional athletes, then of college and amateur athletes. Whenever you are working or exercise heavily, your muscles suffer micro traumas. Small amounts of swelling occur in the muscle because of tiny tears. 

Sports massage helps reduce the swelling caused by micro traumas; loosens tired, stiff muscles; helps maintain flexibility; promotes blood flow to the muscle to remove lactic acid and waste build-up; and reduces cramping. In addition, massage helps speed your recovery time and alleviates pulls, strains, and soreness.


Mr Kobido

relaxation massage
       relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, plus improves circulation and range of movement. 

While relaxation massage is wonderful for you, it is less effective than the deeper styles for changing soft tissue tension. 

We normally recommend deeper styles when you are suffering pain and leave relaxation for when you just want to ... relax! 

anti stress
       ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE massage

Anti-stress massage is a combination of therapeutic massage of the back and relax massage.

In addition to helping to relieve stress, anti-stress massage is used to establish balance, but also to remove tension and painful conditions.

Clinical studies have shown that regular massage not only relieves the body of stress, and thus prevents low immune system, but it also improves the overall functioning of the immune system, increases secretion of serotonin, and increases the number of cells that are the first line of defense of the immune system.

Anti-stress massage is often used as a natural way of removing and reducing pain in people with chronic illnesses.

Disturbed sleep quality is caused by many problems, and massage is one of the best “medicine” for insomnia. This massage reduces hormonal stress, cortisol, which significantly affects the reduction of tension and nervousness.

For this massage, special anti-stress oils that have the effect of aromatherapy are used, because they stimulate central nervous system through sense of smell, in terms of relaxation.